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Crush your career goals!

Have you ever felt like you were capable of more in your career, but you weren’t quite sure how to get there? I've got you. My career bootcamp has everything you need to get you out of the job you're tired of, and into a career you'll love. 

What's included in the career bootcamp?

Professional Resume & Cover Letter

I've written over a hundred killer resume and cover letters for people in a variety of industries. The number one response our clients give to seeing their new resume is usually "this makes me sound like I'm awesome!". That's because you are! I work with you to highlight all of your skills and contributions, so you can stand out and get an interview.

Interview Coaching

I get you ready to nail the interview! Coaching will help you gain confidence, develop supportive habits to reduce interview anxiety, and co-create the interview techniques that will help you shine! The bootcamp includes three individual coaching sessions!

Payment plans available

My career bootcamp is $499, and I offer payment plans to accommodate any budget. The new job that's waiting for you could put thousands of dollars more in your pocket every year - you're worth investing in!

Connect with me for a free Discovery Session to see how our Career Bootcamp can support you and your goals!

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