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Sarah Schmidt, M. Ed.

Rachel Martins, M. Ed.

Personal Growth Coach

Life Coach

Sarah grew up in Western Massachusetts, and over the last 14 years has worked in various roles in Adult & Higher Education, supporting people on their educational and professional journeys. She uses her lived experience as a high achieving single mom and professional experience as an Advisor and Success Coach to guide people through inspired action to create the life they want, and to feel more joyous. Working with people in a coaching space uses all of her favorite gifts, and lights up her soul.

Some of the ways Sarah will work with you are: 

  • Guide you as you envision and explore your dreams, thoughts, and ideal life

  • Hold compassionate space as you move past your limiting beliefs, and break the containers that are holding you back

  • Help you identify and reframe the thoughts and self judgment that no longer serve you

  • Provide tools and strategies designed to support your growth and success, tailored to your specific needs

  • Help you to build the habits, beliefs, and action oriented plans that will lead to the results you desire

  • Create a light hearted environment where you can be and continue to uncover your authentic self

A native of Western Massachusetts, Rachel has worked with immigrant populations as an advocate and teacher here in Western Massachusetts for nearly 15 years, and holds a Master's Degree in Education. 

Through her teaching and guiding of diverse populations, her journey raising three daughters, and her personal spiritual path, Rachel has developed a unique set of skills that allows her to easily create community and support others on their paths. Rachel has discovered that working with others in pursuit of their personal development is both intrinsically rewarding as well as impactful in her community.

Some of the ways Rachel will work with you are: 

  • Support you as you seek solutions for your (perceived) problems.

  • Support and guide you through an intuitive, practical and sequential process to meet goals.

  • Work with you to identify areas in your family life and dynamics that you would like change, including around raising children.

  • Guide you to deepen your spiritual practice and connection

  • Work with you to identify limiting beliefs and false stories that are blocking your path to stepping into your full greatness

  • Help you find systems that will allow your life to feel less stressful and more organized

Free Discovery Session

Connect with us for a free Discovery Session to see how coaching can support you and your goals!

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