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  • Sarah Schmidt

Cell Phones And Suspending Disbelief

What if we could believe in miracles in the same way we, unquestioningly, believe in the mystifying magic of our cell phones?

Recently I had been struggling with the belief that we will have the glorious success we’ve been dreaming of in our business. It’s clear that many other coaches have made a lot of money and gotten to work with tons of clients. But us? What if it's not possible for us? At least that’s the voice I was battling with in the back of my mind. Perhaps you can relate. Like sure, wild success is possible for other people, but just not me.

I want to invite you into an experiment designed to challenge those beliefs. Because at the end of the day, those are just thoughts. And in order to open ourselves up to the abundance of the universe, we have to (at least temporarily) suspend disbelief. Once we start to see results, the abundance is easier to believe, because the evidence is there. But before that? That whole leap of faith time period? It’s a whole thing. And just like anything else worth doing, it takes a little practice.

Here’s what helped me flip the script. My cell phone. And no, I don’t mean using it to mindlessly scroll TikTok until I forget I even have any worries (but that’s fine too!). I mean the very existence of it. Do you know how a cell phone works? Does it seem possible to your rational mind that you can type letters on a tiny screen with no wires, press a button, and those letters magically fly through the air (seriously… I don’t know how it works), find their way to another tiny screen, and your friend who is miles away starts laughing at the meme you sent? That’s a level of magic if you ask me. I can find no logical reason in my mind that would make that process possible, and yet the proof is right in front of me. We are surrounded by this magic, walking around each day holding some in our pocket.

Using that, I changed my thought process from feeling like it was impossible for us to have a wildly successful business, to instead thinking, we are surrounded by an abundance of amazing things that I don’t understand, but they work anyway. I don’t have to know how or when we will experience the magic, just that it’s possible and all I have to do is stay in the feeling that it’s already happened. How will I feel when we have more clients than we can handle? Just like I do right now: grateful, amazed, filled with infinite possibilities and joy.

Here’s the invitation. Take whatever seems outlandish to you (buying a Tesla, booking your dream vacation, finding the perfect house, building a successful business), and for 30 days agree that it is just as possible as cell phone magic. Give it up to the power of the universe, without your doubts weighing down the potential. What might happen? Let’s find out together. And if you want some support on your journey of crafting the life you’ve always dreamed of, let’s chat. How can coaching help? Schedule a free discovery session to find out. You can even do it from your magical cell phone!

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