• Rachel Martins

Talking Back to the Voice of Self-Doubt

It's time to start talking back to that voice in your head that tells you that you are not good enough!

As I write this I am one week away from starting a new job. It is a job I am both qualified for, and have relevant experience in, but I have never exactly done before. I am excited about so many aspects of the new work and I truly can’t wait to get started

…AND there is a voice in my head telling me “You are not good enough for this job", "You do not know what to do", "You will fail and look like an idiot”. Never mind that I have nearly 20 years worth of experience, a master's degree, a license, and was the overwhelming favorite of the hiring committee- I am still running up against the voice of self-doubt!

There have been moments in my life where self-doubt has caused significant upheaval. There was the time my brain convinced me that I simply could not figure out how to write an educational research paper (in fact that I was too stupid to even figure out how to use the database to get started with research). Of course, I eventually came out of the lie my brain was holding me hostage in, and realized I can figure anything out, and went on to write a research paper that was used as an exemplar (in ⅓ of the time since I wasted so much time in self-created paralysis).

However, I have spent the last several years learning the ways my thoughts are creating the experience of my life, and how to use my thoughts as tools for me, rather than weapons against me.

So now, when that voice starts chirping in my head telling me I am not good enough to succeed at the new job, I can notice it and interrupt it with more empowering thoughts such as: “I can figure anything out”, “I am good at asking for help and people want to help me”, “I love this work and I am good at it”. These new thoughts lead me to feel excited and confident, which then puts me in the energy of creating, receiving, and connection!

Is there some part of your life where self-doubt is chirping at you and you could interrupt it with more empowering thoughts?

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