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  • Rachel Martins

You are Awesome!

Sometimes it can be hard to step away from our self-criticizing thoughts, but you are so much more than that!

Recently I was having a down day, you know, one of those days where all I could see was the things I was not doing well, the things I was failing at, all the ways I wasn’t good enough. This is not my default thought pattern, but definitely one I can fall into from time to time. And then a friend texted me. A friend who I see as having it way more together than me. She texted me to thank me for a conversation we had had the previous day and the perspective I am often able to offer her, which she said always helps her see things differently.

In that moment I had a startling realization- the version of myself that I hold in my head, the one that often has more negative traits than positive ones- is not the only version of me that exists! There are multiple versions of me that exist in other people’s minds. Now to read this, it may seem obvious, but it blew my mind. And then I did something that made me uncomfortable- I spoke to myself and said (out loud) all of the things that I secretly think are awesome about myself. The things I secretly hope people think about me. I continued to rattle off these positive qualities until I couldn’t think of any more, and when I was done I felt so lit up, so energized, so good about myself- I was ready to take on anything that came my way, with confidence and positive energy!

So that is my challenge to you today- take 5 or 10 minutes and do this exercise: say to yourself (or write down) an exhaustive list of all of the things you secretly think are amazing about yourself and that you secretly hope the world thinks about you. If this is uncomfortable or feels weird, acknowledge that and then do it anyway! Notice how it makes you feel to focus on all of your good qualities. Notice what you now feel you are capable of doing and being from that place of acknowledgement and awareness of your full awesomeness! Taking this a step further, going forward let this be your go-to exercise whenever you find yourself in that place of self-doubt, and watch your life be transformed.

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