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Client Reviews

I've been very pleased with Sarah's coaching. She listens 'between the lines' and addresses issues that are driving my less than effective mental states. Whatever I bring up (and sometimes it's a repeat of something we've discussed previously) she has a strategy for me to try. She's also very relaxed when I don't think her suggestions will work for me, which I appreciate. I never feel like I need to be on the defensive in our sessions. Sarah is really smart and cares deeply about my well-being. I feel that she is rooting for me every step of the way, and her positive regard for me is improving how I feel about myself. - Emily F. 

Sarah Schmidt of Joyful Valley Coaching helped me when I was feeling stuck, frustrated, and pessimistic. Through a combination of active listening, reframing, and the assignment of concrete action steps & tools, Sarah helped me move through my issues and reminded me of all I have to offer. Sarah is patient, insightful, organized, knowledgeable, and has a gentle touch when talking about difficult topics. Plus she has a great sense of humor! I heartily recommend Sarah to anyone needing support, with work or life! - Naomi K. 

I worked with Sarah once a week for about 8 weeks. I went into this with an open mind about coaching, but also feeling really pessimistic about my own situation and my ability to change it. Sarah was very kind and encouraging and helped me to believe that I could, in fact, make some changes that I would feel good about and which potentially would lead to more change. Throughout the process, I always felt heard. I very much appreciated that a couple of times when there was something I didn't feel comfortable with or felt like would not be helpful to me, Sarah was flexible enough to work with me in a different way. I never felt pressured and it really did feel like Sarah was working with ME and understood who I am. I had been worried that this would be a one-size fits all sort of "canned" set of prescriptions or processes, but that was not the case at all. I felt that Sarah truly saw me as an individual and was open to working with me within a framework that was comfortable for me. This was a very positive experience and I would definitely do it again--indeed, might do it again, when circumstances permit.- Judith K

As a result of my work with Sarah, I am more confident in my approach to life. Consequently, this has played out positively in other areas of my life as well. I have
gained the perspective to highlight my awesome accomplishments and separate myself from outcomes, which are huge! I have also acquired two new part-time positions that align with not only my degree but with my values and interests. I have also been feeling more joy as I take the time to listen to and nurture myself each day in some way. Sarah is a fantastic listener; she is perceptive and asks the important questions that help uncover your authentic self. Your goals are Sarah’s goals. She is thorough and
organized so you always have the notes and ideas that were generated at each session. I highly recommend working with Sarah! - Mary P.

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