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Organizational Training

I believe the heart of any organization is the capacity of its people! I provide trainings in technology, leading with compassion, engaging and developing teams, improving communication, and supporting the professional growth of everyone in the organization. I also design and develop custom trainings to support your organizational needs and goals.

ChatGPT & AI Tools Workshop

Unlock the Power of Free AI: Transform Your Business with ChatGPT


Are you ready to revolutionize the way you work and serve your customers?

Book this 2-hour, hands-on workshop to master the art of using ChatGPT to optimize your work, and the experience of the people you serve.

Chat GPT & AI Tools Workshop includes:


  • How to access ChatGPT and start benefiting immediately

  • Real-world use cases for administrators, staff, and students/clients

  • Creating the most effective prompts

  • Key Considerations.

  • Engaging hands on practice activities

  • Brainstorming & personalized next steps for your organization


"Sarah's ChatGPT workshop was very informative and engaging. Prior to the workshop, I knew very little about using ChatGPT. I came away from the workshop feeling empowered and ready to use this exciting new technology. This is a total gamechanger."- Laura, Workshop Participant

Are you ready to transform your business and unlock the full potential of ChatGPT? Book your 2-hour training session today and experience the power of AI firsthand!

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